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FOX Business
Feb 26, 2014 1:00pm EST
a first league should i have to against poor region taxes if i have to collect. what happens to the millions of retirees who right now might be holding puerto ricans ons. did that kind of been be granted by the border region government? >> a big question and the great question. you mentioned earlier quarter rico is widely held investment investor client portfolios. i think it is. we get asked an awful lot of questions about puerto rico which means it is still widely held and does have implications for the existing bonds. that is one element of what many of these investors are looking for. they want to be adjudicated in new york but what does that mean? of the restricted these bonds pdjudicated in new york versus all the other $70 billion of debt that get adjudicated in puerto rico soil, one court says one thing, another court says another, who wins? the federal government has to what does that mean for existing bondholders? a lot of complexity and questions still remain until we really see the details of this particular deal. adam: what is frustrating for investors is the spe
FOX Business
Mar 4, 2014 1:00pm EST
: the obama administration is rolling out its 2015 budget and singing the familiar tune. can use a tax hikes? cheryl: oil prices reversing course, down 4% after closing at the highest level in five months yesterday. commodity analyst matt smith and phil flynn saying get used to this volatility. the energy burrito and the mighty fallen coming up next. when does your work en does it end after you've expanded your business? after your company's gone public? and the capital's been invested? or wn your compan's bought another? is it over after you' given back? you never stop achieving. that's why, at barclays, our ambition is to always realize yours. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer. dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody like my mom. my grandfather. i'm very pround of him. her. them. cheryl: reversal of fortune in the energy it,
FOX Business
Feb 27, 2014 1:00pm EST
...te. and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there'only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at start-upny.m my dad has aorfib.fibrillation, he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem. dad, it says your afib puts you at 5 times greater risk of a stroke. that's why take my warfarin every day. but it looks like maybe we should ask your doctor about pradaxa. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate)... ...was proven superior to warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke. and unlike warfarin, with no regular blood tests orietary restrictions. hey thanks for calling my doctor. sure. pradaxa is not for people with artificial heart valves. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa before surgery or a medical or dental procedure. praxa can cause serious, sometimes fatal, bleeding. don't takeradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding or have had a heart valve replaced. seek
FOX Business
Mar 5, 2014 1:00pm EST
: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at cheryl: former irs official lois lerner pleading the fifth for the second time after being called before congress to testify. rich edson standing by from capitol hill where the fireworks erupted this morning. rich: this has been nine months in the making, this is a continuation of a hearing back in may in which lois lerner pled the fifth. talk about whether or not she gave up the right earlier in the hearings so she is back on capitol hill, we expected chairman darrell issa, lois lerner file in front of the committee for the first time in nine months. it wasn't. >> ct do cence, that is not the way to supposed to work. there are other e-mails coming out that have been requested and other individuals inside the irs are talking. it may be a special prosecutor is needed. at the end of the day t
FOX Business
Feb 28, 2014 1:00pm EST
oil in tim cook's words with reference to exxon mobile than any company out there or any tax company and talking about acquisitions, jab or bob, started by former apple workers, facebook for some other acquisitions are not looking to pay the most war in a race to do the most acquisitions, only the ones that make sense for them. he has gone on to highlight manufacturing, working to bring jobs back to the u.s. and sapphire manufacturing there as well. talking about china mobile and dealing recently, at 17 cities to expand out to 200. also gone on to say, a funny moment, after this update, talking about some new products we are working on and you can hear an audible gasp and started joking and laughing and aunt to hear about the capital program they boost the dividend and raised the buybacks the $60 billion that had a record $17 billion by offering to do that. and $20 billion in cash in the u.s. more than $100 billion is overseas and that would be subject a higher tax rate to they brought it back to fund that and have to do another bond indeed they up the buyback after buying $14 billio
FOX Business
Mar 3, 2014 1:00pm EST
: dozens of tax free zon across new york state. move or start a newere. businessere... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new js, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's ly one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualifat >> i'm jo ling kent with fox business brief. u.s. manufacturing accelerate with a boost in new orders. according to the ism index overall factory activity rose to 52.3 last month rebounding from january's 51.3. >>> miirosoft's new ceo is reportedly shaking up the c suite, tony bates and is leaving company. current microsoft executive vice the p overseeing advertising and former clinton aid becomes new @hief strategy officer. >>> they ever blaming hackers for stealing 850,000 bitcoins worth $550 million. mt. gox ceo said in a website statement there was a high probability that theft was behind the loss and the company is looking to a criminal complaint. that is the latest from the fox business, giving you the power to prosper. cheryl: wall street may be selling off on the news coming out of the ukraine but is main st
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6